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Rail carriages to be refurbished

Sri Lanka Railways has commenced a pilot project to refurbish 1000 rail carriages imported from Japan and idling at islandwide railway yards for nearly 25 years.

These dilapidated rail carriages that have been out of service for last 25 years  will be refurbished with all the facilities and re-instated in service.

There are a number of dilapidated railway carriages idling at many railway yards across the country. But, they can put into service after being properly refurbished  and this will save a tremendous amount of money spent for import rail carriages from other countries.

Passenger Transport Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday made an inspection tour of the SLR workshop in Ratmalana to review the progress of the project.

The SLR officials stressed the fact that it is a national crime to abandon many rail carriages which can be reused after refurbishing them with local technical expertise during the recent meeting headed by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera. Therefore, the Minister instructed the relevant officials to take immediate steps to refurbish them as a pilot project.

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Is this not shocking revelation beyond ones imagination, to see such wastage giving the exposure of such neglect. There was news in the pat, that even certain orders arrived not conforming to specifications and allowed to be cleared and dumped. There is also two old steam locomotives with layers of dust kept uncared for and may even end up with the second hand iron mongers. Even the reputation of the Ratmalana workshop which had the best in the East during its inception has deteriorated. These engines should be re-conditioned and be prepared to run during the revival of tourism which would definitely be big draw.

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