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Some US States to reopen with new way of life

With nearly all states partially reopened this week, backlash and frustrations are growing Friday as Americans struggle with ways to combat the deadly coronavirus.

More than 45 states by Sunday will have relaxed restrictions on some combination of businesses, services or parks, hoping to lift economies crushed by a pandemic that has killed nearly 76,000 people in the United States and infected over 1.2 million.

Vulnerable communities such as those at nursing homes and prisons are getting hit the hardest, and experts say the tolls will grow. Researchers predict the relaxed social distancing due to reopenings will lead to 134,000 coronavirus deaths nationwide by August, nearly double their previous forecast.

After weeks of stay-at-home orders, protesters have taken to the streets for days demanding states reopen businesses. Even mandates to wear masks to stop the spread of the virus have become a flashpoint, leading to one alleged killing and accusations of government overreach.

Health experts are warning that states have not met the federal guidelines for reopening, including aggressive testing and tracing, and a downward trajectory of documented cases in a 14-day period. Reopening risks setting off another wave of the pandemic and its effects will not be immediately known.

“It will be at least two to three weeks before we see an increase in the number of infections because it takes time for individuals to infect others and for them to display symptoms,” said data scientist Youyang Gu, whose coronavirus projection model is cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lifting measures prematurely could lead to a rebound of the virus, putting the US in the “same boat that we were a few weeks ago,” when the number of infections skyrocketed daily, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. New guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers more detailed reopening suggestions beyond the ones provided last month by the administration, including specifics for schools and churches. But the Trump administration will not implement it, a senior CDC official said Thursday.

In Michigan, two incidents involving masks made headlines nationwide. In one, a Family Dollar security guard was shot dead after he told a woman to wear a face mask, officials said. Police also arrested a man who allegedly wiped his nose on the sleeve of a Dollar Tree employee who asked him to wear a mask. Protesters have flocked the Michigan Capitol for days, demanding an end to the state of emergency in place through May 28. But Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also relaxed restrictions so some businesses can reopen and the public can participate in outdoor activities like golf and motorized boating.

Hundreds of miles away, the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, revoked an order requiring residents to wear face coverings inside buildings after workers received threats.

Steven Taylor, a clinical psychologist and author of “The Psychology of Pandemics,” said people tend to rebel when they’re told what to do, even when the measures are to protect them.

“People value their freedoms,” he said. “They may become distressed or indignant or morally outraged when people are trying to encroach on their freedoms.” (CNN)

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Most of the white Americans don't wear any protection. When they get sick they will demand the best for themselves. Oh yeah when they get the bill for the service they will blame everybody other than themselves.

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