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Govt refutes luxury car imports canard

Co-Cabinet spokesman and Higher Education, Technology Innovation and Information and Media Minister Dr Bandula Gunawardena today denied social media reports that Cabinet approval has been granted for the import of vehicles worth Rs. 3 billion for the use of ministries.

According to Minister Dr Gunawardena no Cabinet paper has been submitted to the Cabinet seeking approval for the import of vehicle for the use of Ministries.

He also refuted social media reports that the Cabinet has decided to grant an additional fuel allowance to the Ministers and ex- Ministers.

The Minister said these reports going viral on social media are a total fabrication.

Dr Gunawardena said that the Cabinet has granted approval for a Cabinet memorandum submitted by the Finance Minister on March 18 directing the Prime Minister, Speaker, Opposition Leader and the Cabinet Ministers to pay a reasonable amount to the Government for using their official vehicles and official residences as they participate in activities of promoting their political party and candidature after Parliament was dissolved by the President.

"The Cabinet had decided that the office bearers mentioned above shall follow the same procedure followed during the 2015 General election and pay Rs. 100,000 per vehicle  to the government if official vehicles are used for promotion of their party and candidature. The Cabinet also approved a proposal that a rental of Rs. 100,000 should be paid to the government, if official residences are used for this purpose,” he said

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers are engaged in their official duties until the date of the General election while the speaker as well as the leader of the opposition shall participate in the official duties as the members of the Constitutional Council.

However, Minister Dr Gunawardena said that the Cabinet Ministers decided to implement this decision after the preference numbers are issued by the Elections Commission.

"As the election has been put off, the cabinet of Ministers on May 06 decided to implement this Cabinet decision only after preference numbers are issued by the Elections Commission,” he said

However, the Minister said the Cabinet has directed the former State Ministers to pay this amount to the Government, if they use official vehicles and residences for the election activities from March 18.


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