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SL ozone level in lower atmosphere improves

The natural amount of Ozone in the lower atmosphere (ground level) in Sri Lanka has shown a significant improvement during the last few months due to the less use of motor vehicles and limit in the release of industrial emissions by major industries, Central Environmental Authority (CEA), Chairman Siripala Amarasinghe said.

The currently existing island wide curfew has been the main reason for the reduction of motor vehicle usage and limited operation of major industries of the country. Speaking to Daily News Business, Chairman Amarasinghe said that there are two types of Ozone, namely Stratosphere Ozone and Ground Level Ozone.

He said that Ground Level Ozone generally moderate to high in value due to functioning of large scale industries and usage of motor vehicles globally and statistics reveal that Ground Level Ozone Levels do not show any significant increase at present due to current situation.

Amarasinghe also said that the Stratosphere Ozone Layer is being protected by the actions undertaken by the member countries of the Montreal Protocol and Sri Lanka is also member country of this convention.

CEA Deputy Director General K. H. Muthukuda Arachchi said that Ground Level Ozone is formed due to Nitrogen Dioxide and Hydro Carbon release from motor vehicles and also from industrial emissions.

As both motor vehicles and large scale industries are currently not functioning as usual in the country it is shown by the measurements carried out by the CEA the Ground Level Ozone has been significantly reduced during last three months

Meanwhile as in cities around the world an unprecedented number of people stay off the roads, stay home from work and limit activities like never before Air pollution levels are dropping at unprecedented rates.

In early April 2020, the air quality in Los Angeles, a city notorious for its polluted air, was among the best in the world – a feat that seemed impossible before regional shutdowns were ordered in California weeks earlier. Vehicle combustion engines are one of the leading global sources of air pollution, generating high levels of dangerous pollutants like carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen and sulfur dioxides (NO2 and SO2), PM2.5, and ultrafine particles (UFPs).

In 2019 alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that air pollution was directly linked to 4.2 million deaths and the loss of over 103.1 million total years of life.


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The world must go for a one moth of global lockdown every year to reduce the environment pollution. During the period there shouldn't be vehicle, aircraft movements etc etc except on essential services. But people can ride bicycles can go to park, beaches and enjoy the life with more physical activities. This may have a huge positive impact on the environment and may help to reduce the global warming. The global lockdown must be; if it is on month of Jan 2021, it should be on month of Feb on 2022 and so on.

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