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TSP fertiliser shortage to end soon

Ending the fertiliser shortage in the country, several consignments of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) fertiliser of which there presently prevails a slight shortage will arrive at the country by the end of next week, Plantation Industries and Export Agriculture Minister and Co-Cabinet Spokesperson Dr. Ramesh Pathirana told the media.

He was addressing a media briefing held in Galle on Sunday.

“We have ample stocks of Urea. There is a minor shortage of TSP fertiliser. Therefore, we have ordered required quantities of TSP of which shipments are on the way. When received, a suitable mechanism will be initiated to distribute the stocks of fertiliser throughout the country with the assistance of Tri-Forces. By the end of next week, the fertiliser deficiency will be over,” he said.

“During this Yala season, more expanses of neglected paddy fields came under the plough than we expected. In addition to traditional farmers, people in large numbers were recently attracted towards agriculture. The Agrarian Development Department had earlier prepared estimates of the fertiliser requirement of the country. Nevertheless, owing to the escalating demand for fertiliser followed by the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, an unexpected and sudden rise in the demand for fertiliser occurred. We took swift action to meet this abrupt fertiliser demand. However, in view of the global pandemic tendencies, it would be difficult to receive the shipments immediately,” Minister Pathirana said.  

Commenting on the progress of the fight against COVID-19, he said the steps taken by the Government to combat the pandemic have been applauded by the public. “Our health and clinical programmes have been commended by the international community as well. We have noticed that certain sections of the Opposition are making unfounded claims over our pandemic control schemes. However, we will implement our plans uninterrupted until we eradicate the Coronavirus from the country,” he said. 


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