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New love during lockdown

The lockdown began with panic, moved into acceptance, and has now settled into a state of peaceful gratitude for Vidya Balan. Oh, and along the way, she discovered that she can enter the kitchen and, for once, not hate the thought!

“You know, I would have never gotten into the kitchen. Never ever. I actually see cooking as… (pauses) as a girl, I never wanted to cook because I thought it was a symbol of domestication, so I fought it all my life. Now, suddenly, in these few weeks, it’s changed. Neither Siddharth nor I cook. So we have someone at home who cooks, so we were sorted. But suddenly now, because there’s no pressure to cook, I stepped into the kitchen yesterday - and I made something! I am not saying that I want to do this for the rest of my life, but it just made me realize that it’s not that bad, as long as there’s a choice,” she said.

She adds, “Yesterday, I made gud poha, which is south Indian. It’s the easiest thing that a mother makes for kids sometimes. If you have a sweet craving, it’s actually just poha in a gud syrup. It’s like a sheera. It’s really simple and quick. The day before, I made parathas, aloo parathas. Very simple things. It’s not Einstein’s physics. And today I made modaks!” TNN

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