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Stuart Broad on cricket’s return after Covid-19 pandemic

‘Cricket will literally be governed by government’

Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad

With the whole sporting world halted due to the novel coronavirus, several players are working out at home to keep themselves fit. In normal circumstances, cricketers would have been preparing for the Indian Premier League but Covid-19 has scrapped all those plans.

Currently, cricketers are finding ways to stay fit while being confined to their homes in the hope of life returning to normalcy. But question remains, when is cricket going to make its return?

England cricketer Stuart Broad had earlier said that chances of cricket returning soon are slim. However, Broad recently commented that he is ready to turn out for his country if ECB’s medical team deems it appropriate.

‘Cricket will literally be governed by the government. It’s not as though the ECB are going to have to be lone wolves and decide when we get back out there,’ Broad quoted as saying in Daily Mail.

‘The government will give the go-ahead and then us players will have to make sure we are in the physical capability to get match fit. I know how I feel about not seeing live sport and I know how much joy live sports brings me. So the players’ responsibility is to make sure we are ready to go at the drop of a hat.

‘I know everyone feels very differently about this. Sergio Aguero has been talking about how nervous the players would be. Personally, I wouldn’t be.

‘I have huge faith in our medical team at the ECB. I have known Nick Peirce, the chief medical officer, for a long, long time and I have full faith in what he and his team believe is right for cricket.

‘Yes, we all want to see cricket being played whether it is behind closed doors and just on TV or in front of spectators. And I know that the England doctors I’ve worked with over a long period of time would not cut corners to make it happen.

‘So if one of Nick or Gurjit Bhogal, our current England team doctor, rings and tells me ‘I think this is a good way to do it,’ I will 100% trust what they are saying.’ Earlier, former India cricket Yuvraj Singh had commented that return of cricket should be initiated only if Covid-19 is completely eradicated.

“My personal opinion is that first we need to defend our countries, the world from coronavirus,” Yuvraj said at ‘The Doosra’ podcast on BBC. “It needs to be completely eradicated or come down 90-95 per cent because if it keeps on increasing the players will be afraid to come out to the path, go to the field, go to the dressing rooms or changing rooms,” he added.

“Already as a player, when you are representing you country, club ,you are under a lot of pressure. You don’t want the fear of coronavirus around you while playing.”

“Like when you are putting on your gloves, you are sweating.. you are batting and you want to eat a banana but some other guy is holding the banana and you ‘I think I don’t want to eat that banana’,” Yuvraj said.

“You don’t want those questions in your head while playing. You need to concentrate on the ball etc. That’s my opinion. The world can feel free to discuss on that,” he added.

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