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TNA Leader submits several proposals to PM

Leader of the Tamil National Alliance R. Sampanthan yesterday submitted a series of proposals to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on behalf of the people of the North and the East, political sources told the Daily News last night.

Among the proposals that the TNA had made to the Prime Minister on the sidelines of the meeting of former MPs at Temple Trees, was an increase of the allowances which were payable to employees who were paid on a daily basis, sources said.

These sources also said that the Sampanthan had told the Prime Minister to make arrangements for people who were stranded in Colombo to return to the North and the East.

Acting IGP C D Wickremaratne had said that there were over 53,000 civilians from the North and the East and arrangements were already being made to send those who were stranded in Colombo and other areas back to their original areas.

There were a large number of proposals and suggestions that the MPs also made to combat COVID 19 and to bring back the country to normalcy and the Prime Minister said that these proposals would be implemented in the future.

Among the political parties that were represented at the meeting yesterday at Temple Trees were: Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, the SLFP, MEP, PHU, DLF, ACMC, DVP,CP and the LSSP.

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Anybody stranded can now travel. Ofcourse they have to pay the cost. The era of free lunches is over.

Those stranded if repatriated must reimburse the cost of travel to the government. The era of free lunches is over.

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