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No foreign funding yet for COVID 19 efforts – PM

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa denied that there had been foreign funding remitted to the Government by foreign Governments for the combat of COVID 19.

The Premier made these observations to MPs of the former Parliament which included the Parties in Government representing the Government. The Opposition Parties included the Tamil National Alliance and the All Ceylon Makkal Congress, top political sources told the Daily News last night.

It was MP  Mahindananda Aluthgamage who briefed  the Prime Minister  that  there were various  unfounded allegations  by the Opposition  that  foreign funding was coming to the Government  which it could not account for and to clarify  the  true position,  political sources said.  

The Prime Minister also explained that the only person who had the authority to talk about foreign funding was the Treasury Secretary SR Attygalle and invited him to address the audience   on the subject.

The Treasury Secretary, in turn explained  that the   World Bank had pledged  to provide US $ 127 Million, but the Government had, in turn, had not  received the   funds as of yet.    He also explained that these quanta of funds were   in line to be obtained for the expenditure  in relation to COVID 19 for the Health Ministry.    

The  Health  Authorities  and Intelligence  Services also briefed the  former MPs and politicians  on what  progressive steps   had been  made from the  time that the first  COVID 19 patient was detected  till now and also  the quarantining progresses which had been taken  place up to now. The MPs proposed that the number of PCR Tests  should be  increased and  they volunteered  to   donate  a month’s salary in that direction.  

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