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Covid 19 and long droughts

March Tea production dips sharply in all elevations

In an unprecedented year which started with a long drought, from the latter quarter of 2019, culminating in work stoppages and lockdown due to Covid-19 virus has resulted in a sharp and unprecedented drop in production from all elevations. 

For the month of March, High Growns were lower about 41% with 3.4 mn kgs. this year against 5.7 mn kg. of 2019. Mid Growns too were lower similar with recorded harvest of 2.6 mn kg. against 4.4 mn kg. YoY. The largest drop is in the Low Grown teas with 7.3 mn kg. against 18.2 mn kg of last year, a drop of about 60%.

The totally recorded March quantity of 13.3 mn kg. this year against 28.3 mn kg. last year is lower by about 53%. A question of whether all estates and factory production returns were received by the Sri Lanka Tea Board in time for calculation. Notwithstanding, the total from January to date 2020, tea production of 53.3 mnkg. is lower by about 28% on the 73.4 mn kg recorded in 2019.

Todate High Grown’s were lower by about 13% recording 12.9 mnkg against 14.7 mn kg YoY. The Mediums 9.5 mn kg, lower 18% on 11.6 mn kg of last year and Low Growns 30.8 mn kg lower about 35% on the 47 mn kg YoY.

Meanwhile, Low Growns met with fair demand. Select best BOP1 / OP1s sold at lower rates, below best and others held firm. Stylish OP / OPAs were discounted; others held firm.

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