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Daraz initiates ‘Seller Stimulus programme’ to revive’ SME’s

Rakhil Fernando
Rakhil Fernando

Commits to business support worth 30 million rupees for small and medium sellers

Due to COVID–19, businesses are severely affected with a larger impact on the small and medium enterprises. Although essential services continue, the 500,000+ strong SME sector of Sri Lanka includes industries other than those categorized under ‘essential services’.

The lack of a platform to continue such businesses predicts a serious impact on the long term sustainability of a category that contributes to around 52% of the GDP.

Recognizing the need of the hour to support the SME sector, Daraz Sri Lanka initiated their seller stimulus programme under the theme of Eksathwa Shakthimathwa, drawing from the need to stand together and support each other at the face of this adversity that has affected industries across all categories. The seller stimulus programme will offer SMEs financial and business incentives along with marketing and promotional support to continue their selling and boost cash flow.

This program by Daraz will help locals to understand the logic of “How to sell online in Sri Lanka?” and startup their small businesses locally. The platform invites local sellers to bring their businesses online where Daraz will provide a subsidy worth of 30 million rupees under several methods. As such, Daraz sellers will not be charged the sale commission for a period of two months.

 Sellers will also have access to their sale revenues directly to their banks within the least number of days, through an expedited process. In addition, businesses will have free access to education and training in Daraz University, thereby speeding up the process of setting up shop and starting to sell on the platform. Daraz will also waive off all charges on packaging material during this period, further lowering the costs for sellers.

“We see the dire need for the SME sector to restart business operations as soon as possible, while adhering to the due safety measures. Transferring to an online platform is the most suitable method at this point,” said Rakhil Fernando, Managing Director of Daraz Sri Lanka.

This seller stimulus programme under the theme of Eksathwa Shakthimathwa, gives a great opportunity to the local Sri Lankans to initiate their small businesses by selling high demand items like Grocery Items, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Fridge, ACs, Water Dispensers, Mother & Baby Products, & even more products on Daraz LK. In order to know more about Daraz initiates, follow Daraz Sri Lanka Official Blog and keep yourself up to date.

Daraz has also setup a special information center for any seller looking to get further details or join Daraz to operate their business on the platform.

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