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Factories must strictly follow health guidelines

All factories which have already resumed production in and outside Free Trade Zones (FTZs) across the country should strictly adhere to a set of guidelines issued by the health authorities to be followed at workplaces and other public and private entities to prevent and control the spread of possible COVID-19 infection.

Industrial Exports, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said yesterday it is mandatory to follow the health and security guidelines issued by the Government to ensure the safety of factory workers when production is resumed.

He said that 244 factories belonging to the FTZs across the country have already resumed their production. Nearly 46230 workers are working in these factories. According to the statistics, 62 factories in the Katunayake FTZ and 52 factories in the Biyagama FTZ have resumed their production and already 16,000 employees are working in factories of both FTZs.

Meanwhile, 7292 workers in 25 factories located in the North and East regions are currently working.  More factories will also be resumed their work by May 10.

Therefore, all factories should be run under strictly adhering to these guidelines and PHIs in respective areas will constantly monitor whether these guidelines are properly implemented in working places.



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