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A Blend of Science and Creativity to Defeat COVID -19

Ballet dance is a Western movement style originated in United Kingdom paving its way to Russia and today is practised in all regions of the world. The steps and techniques that ballet has introduced is a form of creation, tune, melody, posture and a meditation to ballerina and audience too. In these times of testing with the corona outbreak and its impending effects of the lock-down ballet is an auspicious asset to society. On the flip-side organizational behaviour is a discipline to understand behaviour of elements of society in pandemic times. Citizens in different capacities transact with the corona crisis. As responsible citizens their impact on mitigating the crisis is similarly significant. Whilst creative minds are fuelled by ballet dancing, the managerial discipline of organizational behaviour reinforces analytical, powerful, and resilient minds. This account magnifies managerial roles declared by Henry Mintzberg and its association with ballet techniques.

Interpersonal roles

In the course of Corona outbreak we must be a “figure head” in which we mindfully exercise health precautions when associating with members of fellow society. In this course, we can observe health norms and societal behaviours acceptable during the crisis being an example and a sign of choice. In similar terms a ballerina is a “symbolic head” as she dances on the tips of toes raising her to the peak point above the wooden floor. She is a role model that kindles a desire to follow similar patterns.

“Leader role” is a vital characteristic during uncertain times. Citizens must take a key position in household and other points of contacts to minimize growing threats. We must motivate and direct one another to safer paths which are symbolized through “alignment technique” in ballet. It is a robust and tough posture where hips, head and shoulders are directed by the firm standing of the ballerina upon leg muscles and fragile hand posture. We are expected to manage and face the crisis in a strong, tactful and a diligent manner, yet challenging as one alone cannot change behaviors easily.

In times of testing, we must be “Liaisons” who are tough and flexible as we convey authentic government information and decisions to those who are marginalized or incapacitated. Our ethical, disciplined connections with government, media and larger society will affect the combating of the virus. It is similar that a ballerina in “Port de bras” technique freely rotates arms connecting with externalities, space, air and free movement. Shouldn’t we breathe clear corona-free air soon?

Informational roles

“Monitor” is a dynamic role we must play during these peak times of risk. Acting as a nerve center, citizens can be vigilant about factors that are controllable and within one’s scope. In similar context ballerina performs a “split” on the ground with legs opened in opposite directions connecting environment with dancer. In doubtful times we must act prudently by screening the environment, its conditions and protecting our beloved family, and neighbours from emerging threats.

While communication is important during disasters, the role of “Spokesperson” is impactful, still influence positively or otherwise. As responsible citizens, we must only transmit reliable and truthful information regarding the pandemic either verbally or electronically. The “plié position” in ballet compliments this role as an upright ballerina bends the knees completely outward drawing a seamless connection through each part of the curvature structure, deeply communicating the dance style.


“Entrepreneur” is a risk-taker and seeker of opportunities during times of down-turn. While front-liners of countering the virus tirelessly fight peril and uncertainty, the members of society can seek new favourable spaces in employment, family or leisure. The tricky ballet technique “Pirouette” rotates the dancer on a single leg over a time. Interestingly, the turn is neat and tidy when the rotation is firm. Similarly, if we are focused to overcome the pandemic collectively the outcome will be good and relief.

Undeniably we are all “disturbance handlers”, thereby playing a primary role of duty and consciousness. In our different capacities we must exercise corrective actions to reduce threats. As prescribed -distancing, health conduct and associations are all harmonized actions to proper the situation. In dance, the ballerina exhibits experimental hands and legs movements in the technique of “Bravura” thereby showing out-of-box discourse of dance.

In times of distress, society members must be a “resource allocator” because the managerial technique is important. The Government as it implements decisions about assets, labour, goods/services; members of society can complement decisions-financial or other forms at micro-levels, without injuring the vision of the country. Likewise, the “ballon dance” technique expressed by the ballerina is a strategic means of dancing light weight without harming body.

In this pandemic, we are all “Negotiators”, because we individually and collectively work towards eradicating the virus from Sri Lanka. The task is large still the part we play is small and significant. In unison we confer one voice, thought, action and deed. In similar terms the “Grand Jete” in ballet takes a long jump by one leg ending on the other which is tedious yet rewarding.

Buttressed on this creative-analytical framework, we can harness better posture, personality and preparedness (3Ps). As creative-sciences unite and mind, body and soul interlink. Thereby the inter-relation between psychology, physiology and biology emerge. In isolation and influence may these insights be a guiding light to many to mitigate the health risk of COVID 19.

The author is a Senior Lecturer in General Management and Legal Studies. She is a ballerina since 1995 and researcher on the usage of ballet concepts on management studies.

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