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Easter attack probe: Police uncover Sampur training ground

Investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks have made significant progress and the police have found a location in Sampur last week which had been used by the terrorists to conduct weapons training and a certain organization in Puttalam linked to the attackers has also been uncovered, said Police Media Spokesman SP Jaliya Senaratne. 

He noted that these discoveries were made possible through information provided by a suspect who is currently in the custody of the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) under detention orders and also through other investigations carried out by the TID.

He stated that a suspect who is currently in custody had directed the investigating officers to the said location last week and that it was determined that this location had been used to provide weapons training to radicalized individuals.

The extremists had recruited certain individuals and given them basic weapons training such as dismantling, cleaning and reassembling firearms while this camp had also been used to train them on firing various types of firearms and issuing guidelines.

He said that this group had radicalized the recruits by showing them various videos related to extremism and some of the bombers too had gone there and  held lectures and sermons for these recruits, including the mastermind of the Easter Sunday attacks Zahran Hashim.

He said that information had also surfaced through these interrogations and investigations regarding another radical group operating from Puttalam and investigations were being conducted in this regard.

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