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Reconvening Parliament, a waste of funds - Minister Ranatunga

Industrial Exports, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said reconvening the recently-dissolved Parliament, having no benefit either to the country or its people, will only waste a colossal amount of public funds that can be allocated for the fight against COVID-19.

The Minister made these remarks at a meeting held yesterday to review the progress of relief efforts taken for the people affected by the COVID-19 in the Gampaha District.

“The UNP, JVP and the TNA are attempting to plunge the country into an unnecessary crisis. One political party says the Election Commission has made a wrong move by declaring a polls date and another party says that Parliament should be reconvened. The country and its people did not gain any benefit from the old Parliament. Instead, we came across a number of negative consequences such as the Central Bank bond scam, Easter Sunday attacks and the locking up of several War Heroes and Bhikkus. Therefore, what is the use of reconvening Parliament to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which would result in the deterioration of National security and the jeopardization of the National health system,” Minister Prasanna Ranathunga questioned.

“The Opposition wants to reconvene Parliament because they want to re-enjoy Parliamentary privileges. But, why should we spend a huge amount of money to reconvene Parliament even for one day when we can allocate those funds for the campaign of COVID-19 prevention,” he added.

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