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Govt paying special attention to apparel industry

The Government has paid special attention to the crisis in the apparel industry which has been severely impacted by COVID-19, Industrial Exports and Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said.

The Minister said that garment producers have faced severe difficulties due to cancellation and postponing of their apparel orders as a result of the pandemic. He said that some factories find no way other than closing of stores, furloughing employees and cancelling orders placed to the factories.

The Minister said the Presidential Task Force appointed to combat COVID -19 has been informed about this situation and the Head of Task Force former Minister Basil Rajapaksa had  lengthy discussions with apparel manufactures, importers and Ambassadors and High Commissioners in various countries recently to come up with a solution for this crisis.

It was earlier reported that local apparel manufacturers were having talks with UNICEF to supply PPE kits for distribution in various countries UNICEF in the next three months.   

Since the EU is one of the largest markets for Sri Lanka's apparels, the rapid spread of the Coronavirus among the European countries has adversely affected the Sri Lankan apparel industry. “There will be a double impact, from one side  factories getting hammered with sourcing issues and on the other hand, orders will be reduced due to consumers refraining from buying clothing items,”he added.

He said that necessary steps will be taken to provide relief to the factories to ensure the resumption of production and maintain stability in the process while protecting the jobs of workers.

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