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Pelwatte pledges preventive protocols while milk processing

Disinfection Process at Pelwatte
Disinfection Process at Pelwatte

Pelwatte Dairy Industries, Sri Lanka’s leading local dairy processing company has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the best practices for health and prevention protocols are followed during the dairy processing.

The company, which has continued with uninterrupted dairy collection, has been able to ensure the livelihoods of the local dairy farmers were not disrupted during the crisis. As such, Pelwatte management has taken many steps to ensure that strict COVID-19 preventive protocols are put in place during milk collection and have put strong focus on minimizing person-to-person contact.

“In the time of crisis as a dairy industry leader, Pelwatte has taken best possible           measures to ensure that we support the initiative of the Government of Sri Lanka to effectively address and limit the spread of COVID-19. The dairy sector is a critical industry where extreme precautions are put in place to ensure that milk production is continued despite any escalation in the coronavirus outbreak,” added Akmal Wickramanayake, Managing Director, Pelwatte Dairy Industries. Measures taken by Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd to enhance preventative measures after the outbreak of COVID-19 included an expedite joint project along with the Lanka Sugar Company (Pvt) Ltd, as it is in the same complex as Pelwatte, along with a shared entrance. Following a discussion, between both company management, a common sanitary program is conducted.

As such, the milk bowsers containing the collected milk are stopped outside the entrance and the staff disinfects the bowsers by spraying diluted chlorine solution on the exterior and the drivers have to go through mandatory hand washing at the specially built faucets outside. Upon which, they enter a special cubical that allows disinfection with diluted ethyl alcohol based spray. Once through the entrance, the milk bowsers go through another enhanced sanitization process with a diluted Chlorine spray. The company has taken measures to sanitize all entry points and the interiors and exteriors are routinely sprayed with chlorine. The workers can enter production floor, only after a shower and following changing into their work uniform. All employees are subjected to recently introduced COVID -19 preventative check at the entrance for body temperature and mandatory sanitization process afore they initiate the production as well as other operations.  Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd is a fast growing organization engaged in the manufacture and distribution of superior quality dairy products country-wide.

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