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All factories should strictly adhere to workplace guidelines

All factories should strictly adhere to a set of guidelines issued by the Government to be followed at workplaces and other public and private entities to prevent and control the spread of possible COVID-19 infection when the work and production is resumed after the curfew is lifted.

Industrial Exports, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said yesterday it is mandatory to follow the health and security guidelines issued by the Government to ensure the safety of factory workers even though the curfew is lifted.

The guidance titled ‘Operational Guidelines on Preparedness and Response for COVID-19 Outbreak for Work Settings’ has been compiled with the experience of the health sector together with all other experts and stakeholders by the Ministry of Health.

All factories should be run under strictly adhering to these guidelines and PHIs in respective areas will constantly monitor whether these guidelines are properly implemented in working places.

There are 137,478 workers attached to the 223 factories in 14 FTZs across the country. There are a number of BOI factories operating instead of these factories at FTZs.

The entire industrial sector faces major setback with the spread of COVID-19 across the world. Industries in Sri Lanka are also suffered a major setback, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prime objective of all these measures including imposing curfew is to protect the people from this pandemic. The progress made with the strict measures so far adopted was instrumental in easing the curfew. With the objective of restoring normalcy in the civilian life the Government has decided to relax the curfew imposed in order to control the spread of COVID – 19.However, the risk has not yet subsided completely. Hence, the Government requests the all to follow all the health guidelines and act in a responsible manner with patience to close all avenues leading to the spread of the disease.

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