Govt. to get down stranded Sri Lankans from world capitals | Daily News

Govt. to get down stranded Sri Lankans from world capitals

The Government is formulating plans to get down around 5,000 stranded Sri Lankans from various world capitals.

The authorities which will be responsible for this operation will be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Department of Civil Aviation, Airport and Aviation (Sri Lanka) Ltd and a host of others. A majority of these Sri Lankans will be students, Chairman of Airport and Aviation and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd Gen. G.A. Chandrasiri told the Daily News. This follows 31 Sri Lankan students who have already been flown to Sri Lanka from China.

He said that these Lankans will be brought to the country in batches of say 700-800 and their travel records will have to be monitored very meticulously to ascertain as to where there have been and whom they have kept company with.

A novel feature of the exercise is that there will be a trial Quarantine tunnel which will be placed at the commencement of the Bandaranaike International Airport which will disinfect all these incoming passengers.

The AASF Chief also said also said that there will be around 200 AASL Staff deployed for the handling of these arrivals which will have to be done with extreme care as the AASL staff will also be prone to Coronavirus attacks.

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