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Celebrate Avurudu only at home with family

Buddhasasana, Cultural and Religious Affairs Ministry Secretary M K Bandula Harischandra urged the public to observe Sinhala and Tamil New Year rituals at home in a subdued manner given the current situation in the country.

Issuing a press release on the Sinhala and Tamil New Year auspicious times, the Ministry Secretary requested the people not to leave their houses or organize celebrations, but to observe the rituals with family members and engage in religious activities at home in a simple manner.

“At a time the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the entire world, it is our responsibility to act with restraint to prevent any risk to all citizens in the country. Your support to prevent the spread of the virus is very important at this time,” he said.

An auspicious time to plant a sapling has been recently added as a new feature to the New Year rituals. This ‘nekatha’ falls on April 19 at 11.38 am.   

Bathing for the old year falls on Saturday (April 11). The Sinhala and Tamil New Year dawns at 8.23 pm on Monday (April 13). Nonagathaya will begin at 1.59 pm on April 13 and continue till 2.47 am on April 14. The ‘nekatha’ for preparing of first meal falls on April 13 at 10.05 pm facing the East dressed in white. Starting work, transactions and consuming meals should begin at 10.43 pm on April 13 facing the East dressed in white.

The ‘nekatha’ for anointing oil falls on April 15 at 9.17 am facing the East while dressed in green.   

The President’s Media Division also issuing a press statement requested the public to limit the Avurudu rituals and interactions only to family members.  

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