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Govt formulating plans for tourism revival

Industrial Export, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said yesterday the government is in the process of working out on the long term and short term plans on the revival of tourism industry which has been adversely affected by the Corona virus pandemic.

:We expect to embark on many programs to revive the tourism industry back to normalcy soon after successful tackling of the corona virus pandemic and preventing its spread within the country,"the Minister added.

In many countries, tourist traffic is already falling, the number of tourists is rapidly decreasing. Countries in which international tourism constitutes a significant share of Gross Domestic Product are particularly vulnerable to the decline in economic growth. :The Coronavirus's impact on the tourism sector in Sri Lanka is also be very large.However, the government has given its utmost priority to prevent the spread of Corona-virus pandemic within the country to protect the people at a time. Therefore, when this task is completed by controlling the spreading of virus,the government will embark on a massive drive to develop the economy in the country," the Minister added.

He further said the tourism industry was badly hit by the Easter Sunday attack in last year. However, It has been recovering due to a number of measures taken by the government for the revival of tourism. 


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