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Stringent measures to contain Coronavirus spread

Three villages sealed off
More quarantined returnees head home
Stern action against curfew violators, fake news uploaders

A village in Akurana, Kandy and a village in Atalugama, Kalutara have been sealed off to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, stated the Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

“We have to some extent quarantined the Atalugama village and the situation there is somewhat under control. Although no Corona infected cases were found yesterday, the infected person’s father and daughter were also quarantined and we took measures to quarantine the whole village and now I am sure people will understand why we had to do it. Now the whole village has been sealed off and they are under quarantine.”

These villages have been isolated and no one is allowed to enter or leave these two villages, according to a circular issued by the President’s Office.

The Army Commander noted, “ then last night (28) with the discovery of the Coronavirus patient from the Akurana area which is located between Kandy and Matale, we had to quarantine the entire Akurana area as we are uncertain as to how many people the infected person had come in contact with.  Therefore, we have quarantined the whole village to ensure that the infection does not spread.”

Coronavirus infected persons have been found from the Akurana and Puttalam areas and the Army the Army had commenced the preparation of a quarantine centre last night (28) to quarantine these people for a period of 14 days, said Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva.

“We also found this infected person from Puttalam and we have found that he had associated with a large number of persons. The Army was in the process of establishing a quarantine centre in Puttalam and we have now decided to quarantine the residents of the whole area where this person had lived, at this new quarantine centre,” he said.

Currently, three villages have been sealed off to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, which are the Bandaragama-Atalugama, Kandy-Akurana and Puttalam-Kadayamkulam.

The Police had arrested 227 persons between 12.00 noon and 6.00 pm today (29) for violating curfew regulations and had taken into custody 50 vehicles.

During the period commencing on March 20 until today (29) the police had arrested 6,474 persons for violating curfew and had taken into custody 1583 vehicles. Addressing s media briefing held at the Government Information Department today Police Media Spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne said that strict action would be taken against those arrested for violating curfew, adding that none of the vehicles that were seized would be released until the situation in the country returns to normal.

Another 130 persons who had completed their quarantine procedure are scheduled to return to their homes tomorrow, said the Army Commander. “Today 77 persons who completed the quarantine process left for their homes. So far 1565 persons have undergone the quarantine process at the Military operated quarantine centres and headed home safely.”

Police also nabbed several suspects who had spread fake news and misinformation online. Several videos uploaded by these suspects had proved to be fake. DlG Ajith Rohana warned against the spreading of rumours and publishing of fake news on social media, warning that any persons guilty of such acts will face harsh penalties. 

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