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Index of Industrial Production

The year on year change in the index of industrial production was a negative .6 percent for the period 2019 January to 2020 January. Significant declines were seen in the manufacture of tobacco, coke and refined petroleum products, and pharmaceutical products. There was an increase in the production of wood, textiles, and basic metals.

The index showed a 16.2 percent increase in wood production, a 13.9 percent increase in textiles production, an 11.1 percent increase in basic metals. The index showed a 20.8 percent decrease in tobacco production, an 18.6 percent decline in coke and refined petroleum products, and a 13.9 percent decline in pharmaceutical products.

The figures are still provisional but have been released by the department of census and statistics. The base year for the index is 2015. The manufacture of tobacco products is at 69.1 percent of their value in 2015, pharmaceutical products are now at 76.5 percent of their production values in 2015.

The printing and reproduction of recorded media saw a decline of 5 percent. The index fluctuates throughout the year.

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