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JVP commends Govt. measures, urges public cooperation

Challenging times demand the unity of the entire country and empathy towards each other, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said also appealing all citizens to extend their full cooperation to the Government to defeat COVID-19.
Addressing the media yesterday, the JVP Leader pointed out that a collective effort of all political movements, voluntary groups, religious institutions and the media is necessary at this critical time.
“The Government has shown competency in taking the right decisions, but this is not a matter that the Government alone can handle. The public has a special role to play at this time. Be ready to make certain sacrifices in the name of humanity. You will have to restrain some of your needs and be resilient. Strictly adhere to the instructions of the health and other authorities. Help each other as people in various social strata will face various difficulties,” he noted.
The JVP also urged the Government to further extend the current curfew in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19 in the country. Dissanayake said in a statement said the purpose of the current curfew which is to ensure social distancing was somewhat eroded when the curfew was lifted for a few hours on Tuesday as people kept thronging food and medicine outlets to buy essentials without heeding the measures proposed by authorities when visiting such places.
Dissanayake pointed out that distributing necessary items to houses would be a better solution. He however pointed out that this programme alone would not be sufficient to cover all six million families in the country, and therefore island-wide small retail shops must be given sufficient stocks and some financial assistance for them too to buy those stocks.
The 'Red Star' Relief Service Brigade of the JVP has come forward to produce face masks and protective clothing for health staff and security forces. The JVP on Tuesday also donated sanitary items, face masks, flasks and food items required by the IDH hospital in Mulleriyawa from the Parliamentary Salary Fund of the JVP members.
JVP member Dr Nalinda Jayatissa requested to the Government to be open to get the maximum possible help from all other groups and individuals, and thereby direct them all to pursue one common goal.               

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