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Sri Lanka in stage 3 of COVID-19 - GMOA

WHO has explained four stages of COVID-19. They are no Cases (1st stage), Sporadic Cases (stage 2), Clusters (stage3), Home Clusters (stage 3A), Small Groups of Clusters such as village clusters (stage3B) and Community Transmission (stage 4). At the moment Sri Lanka is in stage 3A, GMOA sources said.
According to the sources, nineteen thousand (19,000) of our population may have been exposed to this disease condition, and they are now under the observation of Medical, Military, and Administrative structures.
There are 102 confirmed COVID-19 positive cases at the moment. Based on estimates of Hubei province, China (published by John Hopkins Hospital, USA) at present, the number of True Cases should be 8-fold of the Current Confirmed Cases, the sources said.
Considering Western nations that have been unsuccessful in carrying out social distancing, it can be assumed that, between the period of 25.03.2020 and 07.04.2020, if present social distancing is not carried out, the numbers will face a rapid increase. Thus, if the citizens of Sri Lanka follow through with the health advice that is given, we can assume that there will be a favourable outcome in the subsequent two weeks, the sources added.

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