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Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank reopen branches, pay public, private sector salaries

The Bank of Ceylon and the People’s Bank successfully carried out salary payments of the public and the private sector and over the counter transactions when their branches reopened during the temporary lifting of the curfew, senior bank officials told the Daily News.

Both banks have taken precautionary measures according to health guidelines to secure employees who have to deal with the public at the branches and the customers. General Manager, BOC Sudath Gunasekara said, almost all the branches were opened from 8.30 am to 10 am yesterday and all essential staff members were present. The IT and technology networks were fully operational.

He said it was a crucial day as the bank had to transfer the salaries of thousands of public sector employees which they did successfully according to a well-thought plan. “Our staff members worked hard from Friday to complete the payment procedure on time. So the payments have now been transferred to each customer’s account,” Gunasekara said.

“We will open the banks today also from 8.30 am to 10 am. We also encourage customers to use the electronic systems for transactions by following the health guidelines such as keeping the required distance from others and using sanitizers after transactions,” he said.

When the banks opened for business yesterday, Gunasekara said, the customers came in a rush. “However, our staff members were able to guide them and attend to their requirements in an orderly manner. The staff members whose work was essential reported to work willingly,” he added.

Meanwhile, CEO/General Manager People's Bank- Boniface Silva said, 466 bank branches including service centre were opened and 3.500 staff members reported to work.

The People’s Bank also completed the salary payments due this week, of public and private sector employees. The bank manages most of the salaries of the employees of the Armed Forces, teachers and apparel sector employees.

CEO Silva said ATM and CDS machines are in full operation throughout the island and the IT officers are monitoring issues, if any.

He said a large number of customers visited the bank branches yesterday when they were opened as the curfew was lifted temporarily. “The customers were very cooperative and followed our health guidelines,” he added. The bank’s disaster response plan is being implemented at present and the operations over the next few days or weeks would be done accordingly, he said.

The bank branches would be open again today from 8.30 am to 10 am in the districts where the curfew would be temporarily lifted.

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