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Maldives suspends arrivals from Sri Lanka

The Maldives has suspended arrivals from neighbouring Sri Lanka.
On Saturday, Maldives Immigration revealed via Twitter that all passengers and crew with a travel history to Sri Lanka within the past 14 days will “not be allowed” to enter or transit through the Maldives.

As per the ban, all passengers arriving from, have transited at or have a travel history within the past 14-days from Sri Lanka will not be allowed into the Maldives.

While Sri Lanka is the 11th country added to list, Maldives Immigration notes that "the citizens of these countries residing of living in another country, or has been out of the country for more that 14 days does not fall to this category".

Previously, the Maldives placed arrival bans on China, Iran, Italy, Bangladesh, Spain and two regions of South Korea and France, three regions of Germany, the United Kingdom and Malaysia over Covid-19 fears.

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