‘Ayurveda has no cure for COVID-19, only immunity development’ | Daily News


‘Ayurveda has no cure for COVID-19, only immunity development’

Ayurvedic Physician D.R. Bandara at the Gokarella Ayurvedic College told the Daily News that there is no miraculous herbal cure in Ayurveda for COVID-19 pandemic as publicized by certain social media platforms.

“Indigenous medicines such as coriander, perumkayam (Asafoetida), ginger and weniwelgeta could only improve the metabolism of the body while boosting its immunity system. There is no remedy in Ayurveda for the pandemic as circulated in the social media, except the above-mentioned immunity-boosting spices or herbs. Some self-proclaimed Auyvedic physicians have mentioned bogus remedies with the use of perumkayam, coriander and nelli,” he said.

“Ayurvedic methods such as herbal fumigation (dhoomayanaya) could help improve the metabolism and boost the immunity system, so that one can fight infections to some extent,” he added.


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