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SLIIT holds inauguration ceremony for new students

SLIIT, a leading non-state higher education institute held its inauguration ceremony recently, marking an important milestone for students who began their new academic life.

The event was titled ‘The Next You’ the students were welcomed and congratulated by SLIIT’s Chairman, Vice Chancellor and CEO, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deans, Heads of Faculties and other Senior Management.

Introducing SLIIT as a place of unique culture, innovation and strong tradition, the speakers at the inauguration encouraged students to take part in activities and enjoy university life gaining learning experiences both inside and outside the classrooms.

Addressing the students and parents present, Professor Lakshman Ratnayake, Chairman SLIIT said, “We are celebrating our 20th year of existence and despite starting in a humble manner, today we are the largest and most sought after non-state higher education institute in this country. Maybe you are wondering why SLIIT is unique; SLIIT allow every child to grow at his/her own pace to become a good citizen, leader, academic, whilst meeting the demands of the industry. At SLIIT we have many programmes that will impart skills, change of attitudes and awareness enabling you to be a better person once you pass out from this institute.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Lalith Gamage, Vice Chancellor and CEO, SLIIT also welcomed the students and encouraged them to make the most of the opportunities available, to embrace a wide range of interest and to explore new ideas. Prof. Gamage said, “This year we had a record number of applicants. As you enter University education this a very crucial part of your lives. During this four year period you are going to be transformed into a professional who is going to practice and contribute towards the development of our country.”

Addressing the new students Prof. Nimal Rajapakse, Deputy Vice Chancellor, SLIIT said, “Addressing all of you, I see a lot of energy, enthusiasm and potential. You are here as part of your life journey, you are not only here as a student but a brand ambassador. What you do represents SLIIT. You have come with a lot of aspirations and it is our duty during your time here you fulfill them. We are not just an ivory tower. Take the acronym SLIIT; I believe it stands for S Students, L leaders, I Intellectuals, I Innovators and T Transformers. My advice to you is when you are at SLIIT get the maximum out of your education, study hard, develop character and personality, dedication, accountable for your actions, and appreciate diversity. These are the ingredients for success.”

The Inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of orientation week, where the students participated in a series of welcoming activities, including registration, meetings, sharing sessions on academic guidance.

Through these activities, students were able to meet and build rapport with their peers as well as teachers, and quickly adapt to the new environment.

Concluding the Inauguration ceremony Yashas Mallawarachchi, Director/Academic Affairs, SLIIT noted, “Today is very special day in your life. This is the beginning of a new journey for you all. In four years you will become graduates who will go into the industry, become professionals, serve our country and take it forward.”

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