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Three seed paddy varieties introduced

The Bathalagoda Rice Research and Development Institute has introduced three seed paddy varieties that provide high yields. The paddy varieties have been named BG-409, BG-252 and BG-374.

The BG-409 is a White Nadu variety. It gives out about 120 bushels of paddy from an acre in four months. It reacts effectively against diseases and pests, an officer from the institute said.

The BG 252, a Red Samba, gives out about a yield of 150 bushels per acre in 85 days. It resists pests and diseases moderately and tolerates wet and hot climates effectively, she said.

BG-374, a white crust Nadu rice, gives out yields in three months. Its grain is larger than normal and leaves are wide. It tolerates bending well and makes yielding easier.

The new introductions have been popular among farmers.

These are grown now successfully in Wellatota, Kitalagama, Athuriliya, Unella, Palatuwa and Malimbada in Matara, farmers said.

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