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PMB’s guaranteed price for paddy, a boon to farmers

The intervention of the Paddy Marketing Board (PMB) in purchasing paddy at the guaranteed price has compelled private sector paddy dealers to buy paddy in bulk at a higher price, in the Anuradhapura district.

This has been a boon to farmers since the private dealers buy paddy containing a moisture rate of more than 22 percent, irrespective of quality. Nadu is sold at Rs. 45 or more per kilogramme and Samba is sold at Rs. 50 per kilogramme.

In the Anuradhapura district, 115,000 hectares have been cultivated with paddy in the current Maha season and paddy production of around 450,000 metric tons is expected.

The Anuradhapura PMB has purchased 3,750 MT of paddy at 27 purchasing centres and authorised private millers have bought 2,250 MT so far in the Anuradhapura district.

The PMB’s target for 2019/20 Maha season is 40,000 MT including the stocks bought by authorised millers. Also, 480 MT of paddy has been bought at the 18 paddy purchasing centres in the Polonnaruwa district. The 80 authorised private millers have purchased 2,600 MT of paddy in the district.

Meanwhile, there is fear that the large-scale purchase of high moisture rate mixed paddy offered to consumers at a high price by the private sector dealers would cause an unwarranted price hike in the rice market during the festive season.


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