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Avoid crowds, limit travelling to stay safe from Covid 19 - Info DG

The public was advised avoid crowded places during next two (2) weeks and limit their travelling.

Information Dept Director General, Nalaka Kaluwewa said the people should not believe all what appears on social media such as WhatsApp and Viber.They should rely on main stream electronic and print media in Sri Lanka. The public can call hotlines, 0710107107 and 0113071073 during all 24 hours to obtain any information on COVID-19, the

Addressing a press conference held at the Government Information Department Auditorium in Colombo yesterday he said that the law will be implemented strictly against all rumour mongers and the individuals who circulate fabricated and inaccurate information through social media. It is revealed that certain interested elements circulate fabricated and inaccurate information on the current COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka in order to achieve various personal goals.

The Director General said the Government will provide true, accurate and confirmed information to the public through main stream media and announcements. The information will be issued by the Health Ministry, Health Department, Health Promotion Bureau and the Government Information Department. The public can obtain accurate and confirmed information from social media of Health Promotion Bureau, the Department of Government Information (You Tube, Facebook pages), and news.lk.

A National Operation has been put into action by the Government, Health Ministry and main stream media to combat COVID-19 in Sri Lanka. The public can obtain all the information on COVID-19 by watching the programme `COVID-19, the truth and lies' to be telecast over all television channels on next Sunday (15) from 10 am to 11.30 am, he added.

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