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Imagination Inspiration Innovation

INNOTECH 2020, the National Technology and Innovation Exhibition, continued yesterday for the third consecutive day amidst the participation of a large number of schoolchildren, university students and members of the public from all parts of the island. Visitors keen to witness the latest innovations and inventions poured in to the sprawling venue despite the intense heat.

The exhibition, the first of its kind in the country, showed the innovative streak of university students, schoolchildren, Government research institutions and the Tri-Forces. Most visitors were of the opinion that many of the inventions could be patented and commercialized with the help of companies and research institutions here and abroad. Many also said that exhibitions of this scale and nature should be conducted in the other provinces as well to give a boost to investors and innovators in the outstations.

The Lake House stall was also a popular attraction at the exhibition, where visitors were educated on the process of how a newspaper is put together and printed for islandwide distribution. They were also given an opportunity to pursue Lake House publications in a comfortable seating area. Many other State-owned and private media houses also had stalls.

Most visitors were attracted to the massive display areas of the Armed Forces. The exhibits included armoured vehicles, tanks, guns, helicopters and boats, which were among the most popular items in the entire exhibition. Stalls of the universities and research institutions were also popular, as were the stalls by many schools in Colombo and the outstations. One striking feature was the number of cars of various sizes assembled by schoolchildren and university students that could be seen throughout the exhibition. This shows that given the right guidance, our investors and innovators could handle any project big or small.

The exhibition, organised by the Higher Education Technology and Innovation Ministry, is due to end today (14).





















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