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SWT host Tax Seminar, Training for SME and Business Owners

In a bid to raise the level of taxation awareness among SME & Business Owners, SWT Academy, part of a global business conglomerate which provides Business Advisory, BPO and corporate training services, looks to conduct its successful real-world-oriented seminar for SME & Business Owners.

This “Tax Seminar” is a part of SWT’s international seminar and workshop series intended for SME & Business Owners to enable them to do taxation in correctly. This seminar is a training course to take on the confusing topics of Taxation and discuss it in a more understandable and practical light. They teach about Personal and Corporate Taxation law in terms of income tax preparation, allowable deductions, and solving common issues. Apart from SME & Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Employees of SMEs, Tax & Accounting Professionals, Tax & Accounting Students, Other Professionals & anyone who wants to learn Taxation in Sri Lanka are targeted for this seminar.

It is very important to them to getting knowledge about how to identify the benefits of tax incentives available in the New IRD Act No. 24 of 2017 to each industry. Also very important to know about recent changes which have been introduced to the Tax Laws. “Tax Seminar” is the best answer to them to get better knowledge about Taxation in easiest way.

“In this Tax Seminar we will give knowledge of main sources of Income, all types of taxes applicable for a company, registration thresholds and compliance of the same. Also will focus on computation of assessable Income and Taxable Income of a company, allowable and disallowable expenses for tax purposes” said Samantha Kaluarachchi, The Managing Director of SWT Academy. They confirmed that their tax seminar has the most up-to-date materials, so that participants can learn the most useful and relevant areas of taxation possible. At the end of the seminar a Q & A session will be held to clarify doubts on common issues on Income Tax related matters.

Referring to the strength of “Tax Seminar”, Kaluarachchi added “By the end of this training course, participants will be able to have a better theoretical and practical understanding of Taxation in Sri Lanka”. The seminar will roll out on Thursday, 20th March, from 9.00am to 1.30pm at “the Connect”, Shangri La Colombo.

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