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Simple ways to reduce your ecological footprint

Plant A Garden, Plant More Trees

Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide - it is one of the best things we can all do right now to help reforest areas as well as take out excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

When choosing plants or trees for your backyard or balcony or if you are a business and want to sponsor the planting of trees, choose native species.

They are more likely to thrive in the climate you are in, need less water and will provide a habitat for native wildlife especially the bees.

Be A Conscious Consumer

Collectively, we need to look at our choices, redefine what we thought we knew and work towards expanding our awareness through rigorous inquiry towards owning products that have transparency, the lowest environmental impact and a deep sense of compassion and social justice.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Replace traditional lightbulbs with LED lights, use solar lights outside, turn the lights off, switch power points off at the source and switch to energy-efficient appliances and the best one light candles for a candle light dinner.

Stop Using Plastic

Take your own bags or baskets shopping - whatever shopping you do take your own bag don’t bring home more plastic! If you forget the bags use a cardboard box.

Take your re-usable cup everywhere you go. Say no to the straw but if you must use a steel straw - and if you are out and plastic is the only option tell the owners why you don’t want the straw. Say no to plastic drink bottles, take your own reusable bottle with you everywhere you go.

Reduce Your Meat Intake

Livestock farming produce 14.5 % of the worlds greenhouse gases. Try cutting down your meat intake or try going meatless one day a week or more.

Consider Slower Options For Travel

Transport is a part of everyday life but there are always other options to cute back on the driving and flying and emission of fuels into the atmosphere. the transportation sector which accounts for 26% of all emissions. Change things up where you can - walk, carpool, use public transport, and when you fly purchase carbon offsets when you buy your ticket.

Switch To An Ethical Bank

Know where your money is being invested - wouldn’t it be better to know it is being invested on renewable energy projects, social causes and towards not for profit organisations helping to make a positive difference? Choose an ethical bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels. Now is the time to collectively take a stand and make the change.

We Need Our Water

It is a very precious resource especially here in Australia where we do not have monsoons to help fill and restore our water supplies. So reduce your water usage. Take shorter showers, don’t waste water when brushing your teeth or washing dishes or vegetables, reuse water in the garden, don’t buy plastic water bottles, take a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go.

Think Earth and Air Dry

According to World Wildlife Fund one dryer load uses five times more electricity than a washing machine cycle so air-dry your clothes on a line or clothes horse instead of in the dryer and cut one-third of the carbon footprint.


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