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‘Buddhism not given proper place under yahapalanaya’

During the previous regime, the Buddha and Buddhism were not given a proper place by Buddhist ministers and parliamentarians, said Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on Friday, addressing a daham hamuwa at Bodirukkarama Viharaya in Pelessagama in Angunukolapelessa, which followed the opening of the vihara mandiraya.

The Prime Minister said that this situation has now changed completely. Buddhist priests

who were in temples and in forest hermitages had come forward to elect Gotabaya Rajapaksa President to bring about this change.

The Premier also assured that the government would extend every assistance and funds to develop underdeveloped temples.

Prime Minister Rajapaksa said that it was the bounden duty of parents to encourage children to visit the temple and attend school in order to enable them to render a service to society when they are adults.

The viharadipathi of this temple had developed this temple to a great extent with the donations of philanthropists and the Buddhist public in the area and the daham pasela at this temple renders a yeoman service, the Premier said.

He said that during the short period of their regime, they were committed to working tirelessly to achieve reconciliation by fostering understanding among the ethnic and religious groups.

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