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Going regal!

Asim Riaz and Jacqueline Fernandez’s much-awaited Holi song, ‘Mere Angne Mein’ is now out. The song has already garnered close to 5 million views on YouTube.

Based on the concept of time travel, the song opens at 1435 AD, where Jacqueline is seen decked up as a princess. It is clear that Jacqueline is being married off against her will, and she isn’t thrilled about it. Cut to the next scene, we see a couple step into a Holi party in the year 2020. The boyfriend steps away promising to bring something to drink but is pulled into a group of dancers grooving to peppy Holi numbers. Jealous because of her boyfriend’s wavering attention, the girlfriend is seen setting the time on what looks like a time-travel device, thereby teleporting her boyfriend to 1435 AD, this time as Asim Riaz.

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