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Public warned against cyber crimes

'Don’t send your nude images or private info via digital platforms'

Director of the Police Cyber Crimes Division SSP Dharshika Kumari said that people, especially women and children, should not reveal their private information or give their nude pictures to suspicious sources.

She was participating in a panel discussion held to mark the International Women's Day by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

"Do not let even your spouse to take your nude pictures since it may ends the marriage or lead you to be blackmailed," she warned.

"Many persons have been victimised by scammers. Some are paying them to prevent their nude pictures or their loved ones’ from posted on the web," she said.

The SSP said that over 50 foreign nationals mostly Nigerians have been arrested in Sri Lanka for engaging in cyber scams.

“They have asked people to open bank accounts and give them control of them.

The SSP said that investigating cyber crimes get delayed as the CID does not have provision to record such complaints directly.

The public can report cyber crimes to their closest police Station or the Children and Women's Bureau at Police Stations or by calling 'Tell IGP' or emailing the complaint to [email protected], [email protected]

Regional cyber crimes investigation units have been set up in Kandy and Matara and a special unit has been set up at the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. She said that cyber crimes fall into two categories - Criminal and Civil.

The complaints that the Children and Women's Bureaus receive from women whose pictures and telephone numbers have been posted on social media stating rates for sexual services are not considered criminal offences. "It's best to be aware and cautious rather than be regretful," the SSP said.

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