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‘Children should be given education on sexual matters’

Former Supreme Court Judge Shiranee Thilakawardena said that children should be made aware of sexual matters in an appropriate language and later explicitly to protect them from being exploited and harmed.

She was delivering the keynote speech at the International Women's Day Celebrations organised by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

The theme selected this year was 'Countering Technology based violence against women'. The HRCSL has observed that technology based violence against women is an increasingly common form that occurs via offline and online in various forms across the country.

Justice Thilakawardena said that she has been using computers since 1985. "But it was only when I studied Cyber Technology and Cyber Security a year ago that I realised terrible online and offline crimes," she added.

Today innformation is open and available to everyone including perverts, pedophiles’, children and young girls through internet and mobile phones. “The Cyber space is independent and un ungovernable,” she said. Young boys, girls and even grandmothers are raped and videoed and those videos are put on various pornographic sites, she said

"When we were young, we were taught about birds and bees and reproduction. We taught our children that no one could touch their private parts without their consent. Today most cases of child abuse are dismissed because children do not know the correct words to describe their private parts," Justice Thilakawardena said.

"Today's generation is known as ' gen Z ' and they know nothing except smart phones. Facebook is considered obsolete now and snapchat is considered the in thing. You have to share your location to log into snapchat. Children's games on Snapchat control the child's mind and expose the child to pornographic content. One game shows 13 different ways to commit suicide," she added. "Many websites invade your privacy. The first questions one is asked is where they live, how much they earned. Children are asked who their parents and how much they earn," she said.

Justice Thilakawardena said that child pornography is a big business on the dark web. Perpetrators charge Bit coins worth millions of rupees from those who want to watch live streaming of children being abused, raped and even murdered." One has to be cautious when using VPNs as they operate in the dark web. Your laptops, CCTV's can be hacked into and your private moments may be watched and recorded. Data from your mobile or computer can be retrieved without your permission. "Children have become extremely sexual now because they lack supervision and relevant education," she said . "There are hundreds of cases before our courts where boys as young as 14 have raped girls under age 12. Judges postpone verdicts because they cannot sentence 14- year-old to seven years imprisonment," she said. Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Dr Deepika Udagama said that every day was a women's day for the HRCSL but each year, the HRC celebrated International Women's Day by highlighting the achievements or challenges that were faced by Sri Lankan women.


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