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Bid to replicate Easter attacks in Delhi foiled

NEW DELHI: The Intelligence Bureau and Delhi Police have uncovered a plot to replicate the Colombo-style Jihadist attacks in Delhi by a module of Islamic-State Khorasan Province (ISKP) after two members of the group were arrested last Sunday, according to a report by Indian news agency Times Now.

The arrested members who are a husband-wife couple had been planning to procure a potent chemical – Triacetone triperoxide (TATP) – for the purpose. The chemical is called the ‘Mother of Death’ by the Islamic State terrorists.

The two members were also looking for handlers of a gun racket operating from Uttar Pradesh. The members are originally from Kashmir, but had shifted to Delhi due to the government’s crackdown in the valley. In Delhi, they were trying to replicate a terror attack along the lines of the Colombo terror attacks on Easter Sunday that led to the death of over 250 people.

It was earlier reported that the duo planned to carry out terror attacks within the country. The couple was also operating an OSINT account Kashmirosint on social media which was popular among researchers and the media. The couple intended to achieve their desired objectives in the garb of the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. (Times Now)

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