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Is your hair ageing well?

With the ‘staying young’ skincare wave flooding the market and Instagram, are we forgetting to ask if hair needs special attention to look youthful too? Fact is hair changes with the ticking clock, like the rest of the body. Dermatologist Dr Sirisha Singh says, “With age, the density of hair reduces and it starts greying too. Hair thinning with increasing age is a given but the rate varies from person to person; it also depends if the person has underlying health conditions like thyroid, diabetes, PCOS, etc.”

The verdict is clear – as hormones change, hair sheds more and grows back lazily. Can we combat this? Good news, as some damage control is possible.

Visit a trichologist

Once hairloss or thinning is addressed early, hair experts like trichologists (doctors who study and treat hair and scalp) can treat the cause and even make hair regrow. When you feel that your hair is shedding more than normal or is greying a bit too fast, find a reputed trichologist and get working.

An expert will rule out causes like anaemia, iron deficiency, autoimmune disorders, or side effects of any medication – all of these contribute to less dense hair, dryness and greying.

A good-hair diet

Popping biotin is the ‘in’ thing to improve hair quality and even arrest hairfall. But that’s not enough – you need to eat good hair food. “Supplements for fixing hair woes should contain copper peptides, zinc, calcium pantothenate and minerals. And do include legumes, yeast, avocado, nuts and fish in your diet,” advises dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar. Sometimes there is hairloss post an illness like malaria, dengue; “In such cases hairloss can be reversed by taking multivitamins and

opting for correct shampoo and conditioner,” says Singh. An expert can guide you properly, so don’t self-medicate.

Exercise-protein link

Exercising definitely helps in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp, which enhances hair growth. There’s a twist though, as Sarkar reveals: “Too much of resistance exercises (pushups, sit- ups, chin-ups, squat thrusts, lunges, and step-ups) elevates testosterone levels and increases hairloss. Ditto for high protein diet that may increase hairloss.”

Keep a cool head

Hair quality is affected by sun rays and environmental pollution. Save your strands from UV rays by using physical protection like wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella when out in the sun. Singh adds, “Conditioning your hair after shampoo is a must.” She also warns against using too many heat styling tools and recommends exposing hair to flat irons and blow dryers only on special occasions as heat damages and thins hair. Hot-headedness doesn’t work well for your mood as well as your mane.

Best foods for hair health: egg, chicken, nuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach and lentils TNN

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