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Ferocious-looking feline

While most cats are loving and loyal companions, some are born with unfortunately grumpy features. We, humans, read emotion, thoughts, and meaning in every face, even in the faces of our furry friends – but they can’t change how they look. A few hairs out of place, a strange angle at the mouth, and even the most loving, cuddly pet can look perpetually sulking.

Barbara, previously known as Bell, is one such cat. Barbara was born with an ever-angry look on her tiny, fuzzy face, which she simply can’t help. Some of these grumpy cats can be looked over by potential adopters due to their features, but Barbara was lucky – Sarah, her owner, fell in love with this sour-looking fluffball and took her in.

As it turns out, Barbara’s grumpiness is skin deep, and under that sulk, there’s an incredibly loving kitten who just wants to cuddle. As Sarah put it, Barbara’s top priority is to be on her, beside her, or, preferably, held and petted by her constantly. Sarah recognized Barbara’s comic potential and set up an Instagram account dedicated to her angry-looking kitty, where she shares moments of their day and Barbara’s silly adventure. With over 60 thousand followers, Barara and Sarah prove that you should never judge a book by its cover – or a cat by his sulk.

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