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International Construction Consortium brings Oceanfront Condominiums to Galle

International Construction Consortium brings Oceanfront Condominiums Galle, a luxury beachfront serviced apartments featuring a courtyard, freshwater swimming pool, restaurant and etc. Coming up in 2020 with the whole home-stay concept which not only makes a perfect stay but also makes a sound real estate investment which would help reap the benefits of the booming tourism in Galle. Strategically located and the destination being a favorite among tourists, Oceanfront Galle is an experience you should own for the rest of your life.

Picturesquely nestled on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, Galle is one of the cities that put the country under fresh spotlight for its scenic sites and unique architecture.

Founded by Portuguese colonists, the city wears its history on its sleeve and has a unique story to tell. One is far from being bored; in fact no amount of time is enough to satisfy the craving for Galle.

Almost a ritual, the first to do in Galle is to visit the majestic Galle Fort. Initially a basic structure made of mud and surrounded by palisades, today the fort has two major gates, both huge portcullises. The fort is said to be the ‘best’ example of a fortified city with a fusion of European architecture and South Asian traditions.

No visit is complete without a trip to the blue ocean. The Jungle Beach is a scenic spot to unwind and retreat. Sit back on the sandy beach and get a perfect tan, swim in the clear waters that seem like a mirror image of the ground below. Also spend some time snorkeling to witness the rich marine life in Galle. You can embark on the SL Navy passenger craft ‘Princess of Lanka’ at the Port of Galle. Today it carries tourists allowing them the rare opportunity of having an encounter with majestic whales and spinning dolphins.

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