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New aviation yard:

Japanese firm asked to finish project by end May

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Prasanna Ranatunga requested the Japanese company engaged in the construction of the new aviation yard at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to complete the project by May 31, or steps will be taken with the Japanese government to blacklist the company.

Minister Ranatunga said this at a meeting held to discuss the progress of the development projects of the BIA last Friday (6) at the Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry. “The relevant contract was handed over to the Japanese company in April 2017. Accordingly, the construction work should have been completed by 0ctober 2019, but this was extended in four instances. The last extension should have ended in February, but only 75 percent of the project has been completed. As the construction of the new aviation yard has not been completed, further development activities cannot be continued at the BIA,” Minister said.

The Minister queried the relevant company about the delay of the construction and the company said that lack of sand extracted from river banks was the main cause for the delay. The company has also requested to continue the project using sea sand, but the engineering section of the BIA has opposed this request.

The Minster said that a special committee will be appointed by Airport and Aviation Services to oversee these activities and to recover the loss from the company. He also said that all the activities will be monitored daily and will be discussed with the Japanese Embassy and JICA.

The Minister requested the company to finish the construction by May 31 without further excuses or face blacklisting.

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