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Ideal lady idol

In Kapilawasthu the kingdom well renowned
Popular Sakya dynasty cleverly reigned
Well known for righteous rule and justice
Standing testimony for the rule of benevolence
To the young royal couple was born Siddhartha
The prince who later became future Tathagatha
Yet another princess to Koliya clan of fame
Was born on the same day, Yasodhara was her name
Through hundreds of births in the past
They knew each other and prayed to meet in his birth last
They met and lived happily for thirteen years
With comfort, love and luxury with no fears
She knew very well the main aim of his heart
And in search of which, one day he will depart
She never meant to obstruct his spiritual way
But wished him safety and success every way
Taking a glimpse of his newborn son
He bade goodbye to lay life, mischief and fun
This was the actual event of Renunciation
Ever since Yasodhara prayed for his protection
Her elegant dresses of soft texture in her wardrobe
Were put aside and replaced with simple yellow robes
This dutiful, beautiful, enchanting, brilliant
Lady gave up all her jewellery, gold pearls and brilliance
She never enjoyed delicious royal food
But she ate just a little to keep her feel good
Never did she come out to enjoy any day
But was confined to her palace everyday
Keeping watch of Bosath day in and day out
From Vesak day onwards she was happy no doubt
The dumb sang, crippled walked, the deaf heard
Earth did shake and the Devas saluted
Bosath fulfilled the task of his universal mission
Yasodhara was a party to which sharing it in silence
She was longing to see the great master but no way
At father’s request, he set out on Medin Poya day
Absence of Yasodhara, the faithful character
Throughout samsara was a prominent factor
This made Buddha go to the sorrow-stricken queen
Recollecting the strong bond, they had serene
She was weeping profusely at his sacred feet
While she was being praised for here feat
The narration of SandakiduruJataka next
Made her attain Sothapanna and ask for the rest
That was to enter the Order for which she sternly stood
Setting an example to the entire womanhood
The honoured, exemplary lady of Buddha Sasana
Attained Arahanthood before Parinibbana
She spent a life so beautiful and brave
What more was there for her to achieve?

Rupa Banduwardena

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