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Lasagne inside a pizza ?

If you struggle to choose between pizza and pasta when you go out to dinner, then Hungry Horse has the perfect solution for you.

The pub chain, which is well known for their generous portions and quirky creations, have whipped up the ultimate Italian dish for indecisive diners and they’re calling it the Lasagne-in-a-pizza.

Unsurprisingly, the Lasagne-in-a-pizza is exactly what it says on the tin, a beef lasagne sandwiched inside of two Margherita pizzas. And if that doesn’t already sound like a lot of food to you, the whole thing is served with a napolitana dip and a portion of fries, making it the ideal meal to share with your friends.

The Lasagne-in-a-pizza isn’t the only new meal Hungry Horse is serving at the moment either, they’ve also got some other additions to the menu inspired by cuisines around the world.

These include a spicy chicken pizza sandwich and a Mexican-inspired fiery Fajita burger - a cheeseburger topped with fajita spiced peppers, spicy battered chicken fingers and lashings of sour cream, mayo and guacamole.


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