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Quirky animations!

Have you ever looked at an inanimate object and wondered how it would look like with a face? Have you ever drawn two tiny eyes and a crooked smile on an old eraser? Artist Sean Charmatz is doing that for a living.

Charmatz is a California-based artist and animator who’s worked with some of the biggest film and animation studios in Hollywood, including Disney and Dreamworks. But alongside his serious career, he’s also developed a unique hobby - he draws faces on stuff. It can be anything from the side of a building to a spider web - if he can draw two eyes and a mouth on it, he will.

It all started as a side-project. Sean wanted to experiment and explore his surroundings in a new way and used his skills as an animator to do that. He shared his explorations on social media, and unexpectedly, it went viral. Folks were loving his tiny human-like objects and the life he was giving them with a few digital brush strokes.

Each object has its own personality and look. Some are happy, some relaxed, some angry, surprised or scared - it all depends on the circumstances and Sean’s vision. Today he has over 800,000 followers on Instagram who look forward to each new upload – and he has no plans of stopping any time soon.

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