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Rhythmic rendezvous

Gayan Srimal is a person who breathes life to dance choreography with innovations. Being a well-known personality in the art sphere as Gayya, he will hold his debut dance concert ‘Thaana Hendewa 2020’ on March 6 at NADA to celebrate his 12-year rendezvous in the arena of dance choreography.

‘Thaana Hendewa’, choreographed on a different concept would have dancers of Gayan’s troupe interacting with the audience in an arena style platform and also in various places within the periphery. Jackson Anthony, Yashodha Wimaladharma and Akila Dhanuddhara would add value to the show with a special performance choreographed by Gayan.

Gayan believes every art form should evolve with time to cater to the tastes of diverse audiences and dancing is no exception. He also believes, one has to learn the subject scientifically from a guru before venturing into creating his or her own style of dance choreography.

His role-model is none other than Channa Wijewardene who revolutionized dancing in Sri Lanka. However, Gayan has learned the art of dancing from Master Kulasiri Budawatte and before, that from Master Herbert Dayaseela. Gayan has mentored students in Budawatte’s academy for four years.

Gayan respects Chandana Wickramasinghe as a veteran who shares his knowledge with him on the finer-points in dancing.

“Like all other art forms dancing too evolves with time. Hence with that we have to cater to changing needs in the society. I have a self-made dance choreography style based on traditional Sri Lankan dancing. However, our dance troupe also integrate Bollywood, hip-hop, ballet, salsa, jazz, Latin American dance styles and contemporary dance to create fusion to fulfill requirements and bring satisfaction to our audience,” says Gayan.

He has choreographed numerous dance acts for popular reality programmes such as ‘Dancing Stars’, ‘Sirasa Superstar’, ‘Mega Sangeeth’ etc. He was recognized for his dance choreography in the films ‘Dedunu Akasae’, ‘Spandana’, ‘Super Six’ and ‘Gharasarpa’. Gayan’s talents won recognition at Hiru film Awards for consecutive three years.

Gayya has been actively involved in the field since 2008.

His clientele spans across the art sphere and the corporate sector. His troupe performs in various corporate events in town and popular entertainment shows all over the country on a constant basis.

Gayan pays gratitude to Nilhan, Thanuja Jayawardene, Manohari Hewawasam and Anoja Weerasinghe for paving way for him to hit the limelight as a dance choreographer.

This freestyle dancer and dance choreographer has a similarity to Bruce Lee who created his own street-fighting style by associating with other fighting forms. Gayan is influenced by various dance styles in the world to create his own style to cater to diverse customer preferences. His style makes emphasis on curves, flexibility of human body and deep human emotion that enthralls and soothes the human mind.

‘Thaana Hendewa 2020’ is aimed at showcasing the best of Gayan Srimal.

“I was a shy person with very little academic education. However, my inborn talent and passion for dancing was identified and kindled by Dhananjaya Bandara after seeing me dancing in the school music room at Panadura Royal College - my alma mater. Ever since then there was no stopping me in pursuing dancing. Now I live and breathe dancing and I am on a quest to find my philosophy in life via dancing,” concluded Gayan.

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