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PM calls for two-thirds majority to implement people-friendly development

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that since no development work could be undertaken with a minority government, they will form a government with a parliamentary majority after the forthcoming general election and implement a people-friendly development programme.

He was addressing the gathering at a ceremony held at the Yatagala Maha Viharaya in Galle to mark the presentation of the scroll to Viharadhipathi Ven. Metaramba Hemaratana Thera who has been appointed as an Upadyaya of the Malwatte Viharaya Mangala Uposhatagaraya and Chief Sanghanayake Thera of Dakshina Lanka.

The Prime Minister said that although a majority of people had understood the reality behind the country’s political structure following the Presidential Election results, a minority had still not understood the reality of the administrative structure properly.

The Prime Minister said that although they have installed a President, Prime Minister and a Cabinet of Ministers, the government was not in a position to implement development programmes and render service to the people by passing relevant legislation in Parliament because it was in a minority in Parliament.

Therefore, they had to obtain a two-thirds majority in Parliament at the forthcoming general election to make the convincing victory gained on November 16, 2019, a reality.

The Prime Minister said he had received an opportunity to closely associate with Ven. Metaramba Hemaratana Nayaka Thera as he (the Prime Minister) had occasion to function as the president of the development committee of the Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya of which the Thera is Viharadhipati.

When Sithulpawwa was transformed into an empty land during the period of LTTE terrorism after the former Viharadhipati passed away, it was Ven. Metaramba Hemaratana Nayaka Thera who bravely took over the post of Viharadhipati and began to reassemble devotees in the sacred area once again.

The Prime Minister said they should appreciate the indefatigable service rendered by Ven. Metaramba Hemaratana to uplift the Sithulpawwa sacred area in particular.

Ven. Hemaratana Thera who was born at Metaramba in Unawatuna on September 17, 1941, was ordained a Samanera Bhikkhu in 1955 at the age of 14. He received higher ordination in 1965.

He said the government had paid attention to the large-scale religious conversions taking place in the country for which the Buddhists had been a target with or without their knowledge. The people as well the Maha Sangha should be alert to combat these machinations.

The Prime Minister said he wished the Ven. Metaramba Hemaratana Thera long life to enable him continue his valuable sasana service.

The Ven. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Anunayake Thera of the Malwatte Chapter, the Most Ven. Ittepane Dhammalankara Mahanayake Thera of the Kotte Chapter, Ven. Diviyagaha Yasassi Sanghanayake Thera of Colombo Nava Korale, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana and former Parliamentarian Chandima Weerakkody were also present on the occasion.

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