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Sri Lanka rejects UN special rapporteur’s report

Inaccurate references and assertions post 21/4:

Sri Lanka has rejected claims in the report of the UN special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.

The government in response to a report by UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed rejected the claim he had made citing them as ‘inaccurate’ and ‘unfortunate’ that the report had been prepared just months following the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

“The government rejects inaccurate references in the SR report to ‘serious concerns’ regarding ‘Sri Lankan security forces colluding with mobs and not acting to prevent the violence’, an official statement read.

“It is regrettable that these inaccurate accounts have been included in the report even after they have been fully rebutted and explained by the government soon after the incident.”

In this report, the Special rapporteur alleged that there had been a lack of response from authorities against this violence and that such acts of violence were indulged by the silence and inaction from authorities.

The government also rejected inaccurate assertions in the SR report that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) had not been applied to protect minorities but had become an oppressive tool curtailing freedom of religion or belief.

The government stated that the report failed to adequately address positive measures undertaken by the government and law enforcement agencies to foster religious harmony, such as addressing extremist elements on all sides, payment of compensation through the Office of Reparations to victims of violence and setting up of mechanism such as inter-religious council.

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